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The Cabin In The Woods is a 2012 horror movie with more than meets the eye. The movie is directed by Drew Goddard, who was also a producer on movies likethe martianmiKleefeld🇧🇷 In particular, the cast of Cabin In The Woods includes Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford. We also see Sigourney Weaver in a cameo. The movie is intentionally a stereotypical slasher. Really, besides that, I can't say much without spoiling the story. Here is the plot and ending of the Cabin In The Woods movie explained, spoilers ahead.

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Here are links to the most important aspects of the film:

  • - What is the movie about?
  • – Cabin in the woods: spoilers
  • - Rules of sacrifice
  • – Rules for America
  • – Rules for Japan
  • - Summary of the story
  • - Monster
  • – Where he dies first
  • - The group splits up.
  • - Marty discovers the microphone
  • - The tunnel that collapses
  • - Celebrations are good.
  • -Marty returns
  • – Freeing the Monsters
  • - Cabin in the woods: explanation of the ending

What is "The Cabin in the Woods" about?

Here is the basic premise. While the movie seems pretty formulaic, that's exactly what it aspires to be. You know how all those horror movies have a pattern, character types, and deaths? Well, Cabin In The Woods is a plot set in a universe where all horror movies are real. That means people like Freddy Kreuger, Jason, Saw are all real. Given that context, Cabin In The Woods now provides an explanation as to why all slasher events (with dying youths) follow this particular pattern.

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The Cabin in the Woods: Spoilers

The world was once ruled by huge gods who now live below the surface of the earth. For generations, a certain committee made the gods happy by performing human sacrifices. Although the sacrifices were initially quite simple, the gods gradually began to demand additional drama for their personal entertainment. Deaths had to occur in a pattern and for specific character types. While one cliché was needed in the United States, others were needed in different parts of the world. In Japan, for example, it should be offered to school-age children, while in the US it should be a specific group.

The Cabin in the Woods: Slaughter Rules

  • A sacrifice must be made once a year. So committees all over the world are doing their bad things at the same time.
  • As long as a world committee can keep the old people happy, the world is safe.

Rules for America

The group to be sacrificed must have the following character stereotypes:

  • The athlete
  • the virgin
  • the scholar
  • the woman
  • oh bobo

where to die first And before doing that, he has to undress. Keep in mind that this movie is a satire of many horror movies where a hot girl hooks up with her boyfriend and dies first.

The group has to disband. Have you ever wondered why in all those horror movies the group always decides to split up and search for clues? Logic would dictate that they would stay together no matter what, right? Well now you know why. It's in God's rules.

The virgin must suffer, but her death is optional. But if she dies, that must be the end. Again, horror movies always have a character pretending to be visually unappealing: a geek, a seedy girl, or a man. Sometimes the main character is intentionally made less attractive. That's because that's the Virgo stereotype. This is not to be taken literally, but this person was getting very little sleep.

And there you have it, those are the main rules that the old gods want for your entertainment in America.

Rules for Japan

It's not entirely clear, but it sounds like the offer should be for school-age children. Movies like Battle Royal and As The Gods Will are examples of these stereotypes.

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The Cabin in the Woods: Plot Summary

The film opens with the American committee discussing the failure of the rest of the world's sacrifices. Only Japan and the United States remain.

A group of friends prepare to spend the weekend in a remote cabin. They were selected by the off-screen committee. Jules is The Wh*re, Jules's friend Curt is The Athlete, Dana is The Virgin, Holden is The Scholar and Marty is The Fool. It's mentioned later, but those titles are only approximate, and the Old Gods don't seem to care too much as long as they put on a good show. The cabin was equipped with everything from mind control drugs to booby traps and agents of death.

The cabin in the woods: monsters

The various monsters in the film are not robots or illusions. They are real and purchased and stored at CabinCabin. Every year, the group to be sacrificed is required to trigger the method of their death. In this case, Dana ends up reading an old journal that contains a Latin saying. This will level up the zombies. The American committee below has a wager on to see which monster will be released. Very scary.

the one who dies first

To comply with the rules, the committee releases pheromones to make sure Jules strips naked and tries to have sex. The zombies attack Jules and decapitate him.

the group splits

Curt returns to the cabin to warn the others and they make the wisest decision to stay together. But the Committee releases the mind-altering gas and Curt changes his suggestion that the gang should disband.

Marty sees the microphone

One point to note here is that the committee somehow failed to drug Marty's weed. Because of this, he is immune to mind-altering gases. Marty stumbles upon a listening device and concludes that they are on a TV show. Shortly after he is dragged by a dead guy. Although this is only revealed at the end, Marty doesn't die, he somehow overpowers and kills the walker.

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The collapsing tunnel

Curt, Dana, and Holden try to escape through a tunnel, but the committee blows it up. Curt volunteers to ride his dirt bike across the gorge, in the process encountering a force field and falling to his death. Dana and Holden walk off in disbelief. Holden suggests finding another way out, but Dana begins to understand that his death is choreographed and there is no escape. A walker in the caravan stabs and kills Holden and they plunge into the lake. Dana swims to the surface.

celebrations are fine

Japan fails in their sacrifice when the group of schoolchildren manage to chant a prayer to turn the attacking ghost into a harmless little frog. Now it's about America. The committee celebrates the victory, unaware that Marty has survived. The manager calls to inform staff that the situation needs to be addressed.

come back marty

Marty shows up in time to save Dana from the attacking zombie. He leads them to a bunker, which has a fancy elevator that takes you to the lower layers. The two enter and begin the descent. After a while, they move horizontally and witness how many monsters are kept in glass cages. Seeing this, Dana realizes that they have chosen the path of death.

releasing the monsters

When the committee falls, they plan to kill them both, starting with Marty, since that would be the correct order according to the rules. But Marty and Dana unleash all the hideous monsters on the facility and we witness a massive bloodbath. The two go down and arrive at a temple. Here you can see the clichés that have died in your group so far. The director appears in person to explain the situation.

The Cabin in the Woods: End Declared

The Headmaster explains that if Marty dies, the Ancients will not attack Earth. Dana hands the gun over to Marty, feeling that one kill is better than the whole planet. Dana is run over by a werewolf, the principal is knocked down by the walker who follows the couple down the stairs. Marty shoots the werewolf. In the end, Dana and Marty apologize for trying to kill each other. When the final committee fails, the Ancients rise to the surface to rid the planet of all life.

Let's expand the discussion a bit further to get a bird's eye view of what happened in the movie. This group wasNoaccidental, and neither is its purpose; this cabin was a designated destination. All we know about the group about the cabin is that it belonged to a cousin. We don't know who this cousin is or what role he played in convincing her to go there. The man at the gas station mentions that many have visited this cabin in the past. So it looks like this booth is the only onescenery🇧🇷 From time to time, a select group of people are convinced to spend the weekend there. Several characters must play their roles in this scenario, which means that they must be placed together. Think about it, an entire team of people isn't going to wait forever for an ideal group to emerge with the right mix of people. We already know that the technical team has access to gases that can influence decisions. It's not hard to imagine who influenced and made this group weekend possible. The gods want a show, and although it does not appear in the film, the technicians make it a reality. My guess is they secretly meddled in these people's lives to make sure that specific group ended up in the cabin on that specific date. The guy at the gas station calls her from somewhere, he already knows the structure of the company. Yes, they came close to Virgo, in fact the tropics are only an approximation. But it seems that the gods accommodate as long as they put on a good show. In short, what I'm trying to say is thisThe group was not there by chance, it is all an elaborate constellation.Too bad it failed.

While the movie tends to be outrageous, horror movies have become somewhat predictable over the years. I think The Cabin In The Woods took the opportunity to use all these stereotypes to find a "reason" why slasher events are so standardized.

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