'It's a little-known secret': Diana Chan on her favorite food and drinks from Melbourne to Malaysia (2023)


The former MasterChef winner and TV presenter talks to us about her favorite places to eat and her favorite dishes.

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Diana Chan won six years agomasterchef australia. Life in the spotlight hasn't slowed down since. She's traded her career in finance at Deloitte for life as a TV star chef and will release a new cookbook full of wok recipes next year.

In addition, it is expanding its multi-million dollar line of supermarket noodles to Asia and plans to build a factory there as well.

'It's a little-known secret': Diana Chan on her favorite food and drinks from Melbourne to Malaysia (1)

This month she is its AmbassadorLuv-A-Duckto coincide with National Duck Day on May 23rd.

"Asian cuisine is dominated by duck, so it made sense for me to organize cooking events and show how easy it is to cook with duck at home," says Chan.


She's dying to do a cooking TV show again (watch this space) and spends her time covering travel destinationsyour social channels. He fell in love with Japan while filming there in 2016master cookand returns to Kuala Lumpur, where his family lives.

"I'm still living in the moment," says Chan, who came to Australia aged 19 to study accountancy and never left.

"Yes, it can be stressful and difficult to manage my calendar, but I wouldn't give it up for the world, I love what I do."


What is your favorite dish and favorite recipe at home?


I'm known for mineChar Kway Teow− A Malaysian rice noodle dish that I used to cook when I opened my pop-up restaurant, Chanteen. The other dish I'm known for isrendang satay. It takes a while to cook, but it's my first choice when a few people are coming over for dinner. I also make rice paper rolls three times a week. I have an herb garden and I always pair a protein like crispy pork belly, duck or shrimp with herbs.

my guilty pleasure

I love all kinds of pasta, whether it's two-minute pasta, pasta in soup, dry or fried. I always try to spice up my pasta at home by adding frozen seafood like shrimp or scallops and Asian leafy greens. I always have freshly cut peppers with soy oil and chili peppers nearby.

The Best Kitchen Wisdom I've clung to

As simple as it sounds, it should be a matter of taste. Many chefs forget to taste the food, but I always pay attention to the taste when I cook. When the dish reaches the table, it is important that it tastes right.



My favorite restaurant and dish in my city

Restaurante Pacific Housein Richmond, Melbourne is my favorite place for crispy noodles and my favorite peking duck is alwayschopstick pleasureat Mulgrave. I belong to a group of food nerds who dine out every month and talk about cool new places that aren't so obvious. I came across Chop Sticks Delight because it's a little-known secret in the industry - it's recommended by chefs. It's off the beaten path, but every time I go there I order an extra duck and take it home. They serve the best Chinese duck in Melbourne. On weekends I go to Prahran market. I always buy a mortadella rollManufacturer and Dealer. It's topped with Tuckshop's Jalapeno Roasted Green Chili Sauce.

'It's a little-known secret': Diana Chan on her favorite food and drinks from Melbourne to Malaysia (2)

Favorite cafe and/or bar in my city (and everyone's favorite drink/snack)


I still love the classiccentury.The cocktails, the view and the atmosphere are fantastic. I always end the night with a Negroni or a Dirty Martini. I also like to sit at the bargimlet em Cavendish-Hausand drink a gimlet. There is always a lot of activity and I like the hustle and bustle. Anchovies on toast are so good. I love going thereRestaurant at night in Francefor a big lunch - whether you're drinking a tall glass of Burgundy or Chablis and eating snails and chips, it's a classic place. I can eat and drink there as much as I like.Carlton Wine Roomis another favorite. There is a wide selection of local and natural wines and they have great snacks. You can sit down, order anything from the menu and go home satisfied. Their anchovies on fried bread with ricotta are delicious.

'It's a little-known secret': Diana Chan on her favorite food and drinks from Melbourne to Malaysia (3)

What is your favorite place to eat in Australia and do you have any special food memories?

My partner Hugh and I love having dinner at our house.Minimishimafor special occasions. We love Japanese food. It is one of our top three cuisines and we always eat omakase. we will tooPhillipefor the fried chicken; it's crazy good.Bitteris a favorite in Armadale. The menu is constantly evolving. I recommend pairing with wines.



What is your favorite food city and why??

I can't get past Kuala Lumpur. I grew up in Malaysia and I know the gourmet places here. I love everything from fine dining to casual dining on plastic chairs in a hawker environment. must visitPJS(Petaling Jaya) for Best Hawker Food. Try the Hokkien or laksa noodles, you can't go wrong.

'It's a little-known secret': Diana Chan on her favorite food and drinks from Melbourne to Malaysia (4)

ONSThe Hawker Center restaurant also offers good pasta dishes. All kinds of laksa dishes you can find here are worth trying.Shek YuenThe restaurant is a must for the best Cantonese food. This restaurant is one of the oldest in KL. It's stylish and right in the center of town - not a fancy gourmet restaurant, but if you're looking for a one-stop shop, this is it. I also recommend the restaurantAlia. It's authentic Sri Lankan cuisine in an expat area of ​​Kuala Lumpur.

I'm in loveTokyo. It is impossible to get bad food. favorite omakase isGinza Kyubey− Really authentic and only eight people sit at the bar. Ginza is a nightlife district where you'll find itBar Orchard Ginza.This is a hidden speakeasy run by a couple with only six bar seats and no menu. They use random jars and I got very drunk there. Also eat ramen nearbyTokyo station. It's a place called Ramen Street. There are 20 different ramen shops and you can't go wrong there.


Where do you stay when you are there and why?

Kuala Lumpur has the cheapest selection of five-star hotels in the world, so don't let Airbnbs put you down.the oriental mandarinhas a swimming pool with a view of the twin towers andis wit has an excellent view of the city.

I stayed in Tokyoshangri-la,That's wonderful.


Where in Sydney is your favorite place to eat and which dishes/why?


I'm in loveRua William, 10in Sydney. It's open on Mondays and there aren't many restaurants, which is a bonus. They make a bagel with bottarga. It's easy and hot out of the oven. The creamy and silky bottarga whipped like a tarama is spot on. Instead of a whole tiramisu, you can also use a tiramisu spoon. It's not on the menu; It's like a little secret if you ask nicely.

'It's a little-known secret': Diana Chan on her favorite food and drinks from Melbourne to Malaysia (5)

do notit's wonderful. I love the fusion of Italian and Japanese here.Jung's Pasta & Wine Barfor pasta and also open on Mondays. I like long, flat pasta like pappardelle and prefer cacio e pepe or anything sour I can make.

Diana is his ambassadornational duck dayI am 23 years old. May.

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'It's a little-known secret': Diana Chan on her favorite food and drinks from Melbourne to Malaysia (6)Jane Roccahe is a regular contributor to Sunday Life magazine, Executive Style, The Age EG, columnist and writer for Domain Review, Domain Living's personal site. She is the published author of four books.

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