55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (2023)

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55 bad words in Chinese 🙅🏽‍♀️ Let's learn Chinese!

55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (1)

Willing to learn some things you don't learn in the classroom. Here are some bad Chinese words you must learn!

Here at LTL, we firmly believe in the power ofFull immersion in Chinaand of course when you learn a language you don't just have to learn ithow to talk about the weatherIt is likedescribe your outfit.

You also want to learn some bad Chinese words, right? Come on, be honest!

You also need engaging content that makes you feel like an active listener and speaker... even if the conversation goes too far!

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Chinese Oath -commonly used

Chinese Oath -stupidity and madness

Chinese Oath -relaxed sexual morality

Chinese Oath - Get into a discussion

Chinese Oath -common questions

FREE EXAM – Test yourself cussing!

Bad Chinese Words: Commonly Used

Here are some bad Chinese words you'll hear more about than most!


It means shit.


Simply put, this is shit in English!

The literal translation is "from your mother". Used by most on a daily basis, you'll hear this, even more so in big cities.

EBEN🆙 - maldito nǐtāmāde significayour shit.

Now toEBEN🆙 one more thing - i wantbreak up with someone?Well, we hope not, but if it does...

screw this
nǐ ta mā de qù sǐ ba
you go to hell

According to our Chinese colleagues, this is a fantastic way to break up with someone! Who knows.

dumm (shǎ bī)

55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (2)

Calling someone a "stupid female reproductive system" is a very rude way to describe a mean or clumsy person.

However, this is one of the most used swear words in China.and can be translated as "stupid c*nt".

TO USE -if you go to oneFootball game in China, get ready for thousands of angry Chinese yelling 傻屄 (shǎ bī) when something goes against them!

If the referee makes a bad decision, why not participate yourself? You might get some appreciative looks from a few angry locals and make a friend or two!

It's worth noting that the C-word, which is probably the strongest insult in English, is a bit lighter in Chinese, as you'll see shortly, the F-word carries more weight.

If you want to learn fun things about China, be sure to check out ourChinglesalso blog:

Chinese + English = Chinglish 😲 You have to see it to believe Chinglish - Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. You might be surprised by some of these linguistic mistakes made when translating into Chinese.

two hundred and five (Èr bǎi wǔ)

55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (4)

That's really funny. He isNumber250, but beware, it has a darker meaning!

Calling someone a "250" basically means they are stupid, worthless, worthless, etc.

You will find that in China the number 250 is avoided at all costs.

No price is 250 CNY for example.Honestly! Not crazy?

As a foreigner, if you just use the phrase 二百五 (Èr bǎi wǔ), you'll probably get a few laughs from the locals!

Speaking of numbers...

(Video) Stop Using These RUDE Chinese Words | Chinese Learning

(scratch, scratch)

Very easy -Filth!

Commonly used, as in any language.

The character is particularly interesting (and rather raw) when you take him apart.

Above is the word for typing 入, below is the word for meat 肉 - do whatever you want!

fuck your mother (Kratzer nǐ mā)

Not particularly cool, but do they exist?

It means "fuck your mother"

Interestingly, in English, one of the worst insults you can give someone is to pronounce the word c*nt, but in Chinese, 傻屄 (shǎ bī) is much easier than that.

Call someone an idiot (shǎ bī) and that's not cool, but say fuck your mother (cào nǐ mā) and you might start a riot!


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Hündin (jiàn nǚ rén)

This translates to bitch and should be used with absolute caution.

If you say this in the wrong situation, you might be in the same situation yourself.chinese girlsIt has been known to get quite noisy in public situations!

flash (pāi mǎ pì)

Watch the video below to see a good use of it in real life.

拍马屁 means biting one's nose or fawning over someone. The literal translation of patting a horse's butt is pretty funny.

See if you notice this in the workplace with your Chinese colleagues.

Chinese Swearing: Stupidity and Madness

When you want to tell someone they aren't the smartest or a little crazy, learning these few phrases can help...

As you will see, many words with a negative meaning in Chinese are made from eggs, such as:


As a "stupid egg" this term is usedcall someone a fool, idiot, idiotetc.


Being a "rotten egg" This adjective is often usedcall someone unscrupulousor with reference to a "bad person."

  • 55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (6)
  • 55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (7)

bastard (she died)

It means to be a "mixed egg". As you can probably imagine, calling someone a "scrambled egg" has something to do with uncertain origins.

This word is actually used to name a person who is a bastard, a bully or a scoundrel.

Fool (shǎquē) / Fool's hat (shǎmàor)

Both simply mean fool -not the harshest of the insults we've listed here... but still, get it!

(talent table)


This word is used both to define someone who genuinely suffers from a mental illness and someone who has ambiguous manners and attitudes.

DID YOU KNOW? In certain restaurants, this can be heard as a degree of sharpness..

As you can imagine, biǎn tài lā (which directly translates to kinky sexy) means the sexiest thing you could ask for.

Chinese Swearing: Relaxed Sexual Morality

masturbate (dǎ fēi jī)

Literally translated it means "hit the plane".

How does that fit into a sexual swear word? Do you think that…?

E,means masturbate🇧🇷 Makes sense now, doesn't it?

The three little ones (xiǎo sān)

Literally "little three", it refers to someone who isthird person/third wheel in a relationship,name of another affectionate woman, ma'am.

cadela (jiàn rén) and cadela (jiàn huò)

Both expressions contain the word 贱 Jiàn "cheap" and refer toa simple woman or a cheap personThe first is followed by 人 rén "person", the second by the word 货 "goods".

Senhorita (xiǎo jiě)

If you are in Taiwan and Hong Kong, you can call a young 小姐 "Miss", but if you are in mainland China, it would be better to just say "美女", pretty girl, becauseMiss became synonymous with "whore".

(Video) Learn Chinese| Swear and Cuss Words in Chinese |Pinyin Inside

Chinese Memes & Jokes 😂 The Ultimate Collection (For 2022) Chinese Memes For 2021 😅 Learning Chinese is a long road, so we should have fun along the way, right? Take a look at our favorites.

Selling tofu (afiando fu)

This has a fun literal translation that doesn't seem to make much sense!

"Sell tofu" literally! It is used as a euphemism for prostitution.

If you are vegetarian orvegano na china, and you like tofu, be consistent when looking at local markets and restaurants!

tofu de canto

55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (9)

Another tofu-related swear word? How strange, isn't it?

This literal translation is "eat tofu"

It is used to describe a man who is a pervert.

Be careful when a Chinese friend asks you 你喜欢吃豆腐吗? (Do you like tofu?) ...if you're a good/close friend, he probably won't ask you what you think...! Note the soft and quite elastic texture of the tofu...

We leave the rest to the imagination!

PSST-I want to learnhow to read a chinese menuin minutes?

55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (10)

bus (gōng gong qì chē)

As you probably already know, this word means 'public bus', but it can sometimes be used for someone who can easily engage in regular sexual activity, similar to the English expression 'bicycle town'.

Bad Chinese words - argue

OK, time to put a little more meat on the bones so to speak.

Now we know how to swear in Chinese but we want some context, how can we use them in a sentence?

Let's dive in and prepare you for potential future disagreements!

you really two
nǐ zhēn er
You are really stupid!

you are a nuisance
nǐ zhēn fan rén
you are a nuisance

Where are you looking?
Nǐ nur shenme
Where are you looking?!

what's wrong with you
N zěnme huí shì
What's wrong with you?!

no way
more man
No way!

No eyes
más zhǎng yǎn a
are you blind or something

You are crazy?
Nǐ fēngle ma
You are crazy?

55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (11)

Who do you think you are?
Nǐ yǐwéi nǐ shì shéi
Who do you think you are?!

Who do you think you're talking to?
Nǐ yǐwéi nǐ zài gēn shéi shuōhuà
Who do you think you're talking to?

Is your brain flooded?
Nǐ de nǎozi jìn shuǐ a
You are crazy??!

You are sick?
a woman in love
You are crazy?!

peace shit
xiā jī bā chě
you are talking nonsense

And now it's time to learn a few more moving statements. get ready:

do not disturb me!
Bié Baum wǒ
does not bother me

55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (12)

It doesn't concern you!
Guān nǐ pì shì
It's none of your business, dammit!

Don't talk to me like that!
This little girl is very cute and funny.
Don't talk to me like that!

do not play with me
Bié gēn wǒ húchě
don't give me your shit

save your apologies
bié zhǎo jièkǒu
Don't give me your excuses!


Get out of my eyes!
Cong wǒ miànqián xiāoshī
Get out of my eyes!

(Video) Huài 坏 Bad / Broken - Chinese Word of the Day 每日一词

That's your problem!
Na shì nǐ de goesí
That's your problem!

Stop wasting my time!
bié zái aldeafèi wǒ de shíjiánle
Don't make me waste my time!

I'm tired of this
wǒ du nìle
I'm sick of it!

55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (13)


Perhaps you could also add some sort of bow to add a little more bite?

What a waste you are!
N zhēn shi yīgè feiwù
You're just a good-for-nothing slacker!

You're an idiot!
nǐ shìgè hunqiú
You're an idiot!

Really makes me nauseous!
Nǐ zhēn claramente wǒ Xin
You disgust me!

And this is how you finally end up...

I'm sorry I met you in this life!
Wǒ zhēn òuhuǐ zhè beizi yù boo nǐ!
I wish I had never met you before!

You will regret this!
Nǐ huì hòuhuǐ de
You will regret this!

I don't want to see you again!
Wǒ compensar yuàn záijiàn nǐ!
I never want to see your face again!

Go out!
¡ Gǔ kai!
Get lost!

you deserve hits
you need to be hit

HELPFUL TIP -look at this rather strange character 丫. this is pronouncedE🇧🇷 Interestingly, the original meaning of this is[email protected], but nowadays (especially among Pekingese) it seems like slang.

For example, You Ya (as used above) is virtually the same as You.

good to know right?

Hoping that you only use these phrases and words when joking with your friends, we leave you the most famous anti-war slogan in Chinese….

make love not war
Wow, zhánzhēng
Make love and not war!

FREE TRIAL - Test your swear words in Chinese

It's time to test yourself when it comes to Chinese swear words! We've kindly prepared a little quiz for you to try.

It's super simple: choose from the options and receive the results instantly by email.

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Bad Chinese Words - FAQ

Will the 250 be avoided in China?

Yes, two hundred and five (Èr bǎi wǔ)despite the importance250 (the number)It's an insult in Chinese. Nothing will ever be priced at 250 CNY in Chinese.

Avoid at all costs!

Does "eat tofu" have an alternate meaning?

E.It is used to describe a man who is a pervert.

Be careful when a Chinese friend asks you: do you like tofu? (You likeTofu Essen?)... if he's a good/close friend, he's probably not asking what you're thinking...!

What is "brown nose" in Chinese?

Brown nose in Chinese isflash (pāi mǎ pì) which literally means "to pat the horse's ass".

you can see thatused here in a real scenario.

Can I call someone in mainland China with 小姐?

While in Taiwan and Hong KongSenhorita (xiǎo jiě)accepted (meaning little sister/ma'am), in mainland China this is an offensive term.

(Video) 80 Everyday Life Chinese Verb Phrases From 7 Characters Part I

It would be better if you just say "美女", pretty girl, becauseMiss became synonymous with "whore".

How to say "You are an idiot" in Chinese?

You're an idiot!

nǐ shìgè hunqiú

How do you say "I never want to see your face again" in Chinese?

I don't want to see you again!

Wǒ compensar yuàn záijiàn nǐ!

How do you say "shit" in Chinese?

Fuck (tā mā de) The direct translation is “your mother”.

How do you say "don't give me that shit" in chinese?

do not play with me

Bié gēn wǒ húchě

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55 Bad Chinese Words // Bad Chinese Words (You Must Know). (17)

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