5 Tokyo Dog Cafés to meet the most adorable pups! (2023)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a dog cafe in Tokyo? Well wonder no more! Here is a list of some of the best dog cafes in Tokyo that you should definitely visit.

Have you heard of dog cafes in your home country? Well, Japan has embraced the concept of mixing people and cats in a rustic setting, an idea that many love.

Dog cafes abound in the capital, Tokyo, where dog lovers flock to share lively moments with the adorable creatures as they eat.

With a variety of dog breeds treating you with tail wags and enthusiastic looks, Japanese dog cafes are sure to make you want to stay.

I've put together a series of ethical and guilt-free cafes in Tokyo that guarantee a fun experience. Check it out below!

Dog cafe in Tokyo

Coffee with micro cup of tea

The exterior of the Micro Tea Cup Cafe doesn't do justice to the adorable critters that lounge around in the cafe. Micro Tea Cup Cafe is a dog-friendly cafe in Chiyoda City, Tokyo, and this cafe is located near Akihabara Station.

While it wasn't a challenge for me to navigate to Micro Tea Cup Cafe, I honestly didn't have high expectations for this cafe, but I was wrong.

5 Tokyo Dog Cafés to meet the most adorable pups! (1)

When I entered the Micro Tea Cup Café, the staff greeted me warmly and played a video explaining to customers how to deal with dogs.

The staff were also kind enough to spray disinfectant on my hands and clothes before playing with the dogs. In fact, all of the Micro Tea Cup Cafe's dogs are vaccinated.

I should mention that the interior of this dog cafe is phenomenal and very similar to baby nurseries, which speaks to how the team at Micro Tea Cup Cafe views critters.

There's even a dog discipline nursery that trains them daily, so get ready for some amazing dog tricks.

There are 9 dogs at Micro Tea Cup Cafe, mostly poodles, plus a Japanese Shiba Inus that is very affectionate with guests.

As this cafe has low seating, dogs tend to sit on your lap while you drink coffee. Be sure to wear socks when entering the dog cafe, and if you don't wear socks, you can buy a pair at the cafe.

It is a tradition among the staff to take pictures of the guests playing with the dogs. With plenty of Instagram-worthy locations and lively dogs to play with, a carefree experience awaits at the Micro Tea Cup Cafe.

  • Entry fee -2,300 yen/hour (reservation only)
  • Total cost of the course -2,700 yen/hour (including admission, Polaroid photos, and exclusive merchandise)
  • base rate -1,300 yen/30 minutes (free drink and photo shoot)
  • Renewal Fee -1000 yen/hour
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Hours of Operation -Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 8pm

Contact number -+81 3-3525-4833

Internet site -https://teacup.crayonsite.net/

Direction -101-0021 Tokio, Ciudad de Chiyoda, Sotokanda, 3 Chome-2-11

dog heart

Dog Heart is a dog cafe located in Shibuya City, just 2 minutes from Yoyogi Hachiman Station.

This dog friendly cafe is not a big premise so I was disappointed to see it can only seat a maximum of 8 people at a time.

However, Dog Heart Café's dogs are exceptionally energetic and greet you with big smiles.

5 Tokyo Dog Cafés to meet the most adorable pups! (2)

One of the unique aspects of Dog Heart is that not only can you pet and feed the dogs, but you can also take them for a walk.

If you feel like this activity, head to the second floor of the building, where the staff will explain how to behave when passing by them.

Dog Heart features 10 dogs of different breeds, including Poodles, Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs, Beagles, Cavaliers, Japanese Chins and Chihuahuas.

Due to the variety of dog breeds available at the Dog Heart Cafe, rental fees are variable in addition to a 200 yen referral fee.

If you're taking your kids with you, be sure to stop by Dog Heart after 2pm. M. because that's the only time the kids are allowed in.

In addition, children under 13 years old pay slightly less than adults. Therefore, you can find more information on the Dog Heart website.

Also, it is advisable to book by phone before renting a dog for a walk or even an insider experience, as this place can get very crowded.

entrance fees

  • 30 minutes - adults 1,300 yen, children 1,000 yen
  • 45 minutes - adults 1600 yen, children 1300 yen
  • 1 hour - adults 1900 yen, children 1600 yen
  • Extension fee (every 15 minutes) - Adults and children 300 yen

Visit the Dog Heart website for information on dog rentals and renewal fees.

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Hours of Operation -Monday to Sunday 11am to 7pm

Contact number -+81 3-3469-4115

Internet site -http://corazon-de-perro.ico.bz/

Direction -151-0063 Tokio, Ciudad de Shibuya, Tomigaya, 1 Chome−45−2 Y2F

RIO Dog-Coffee

Based in Setagaya City, Tokyo, RIO Puppy Cafe is one of the best chill-out dog cafes I've visited in Japan.

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This dog friendly cafe is not far from the Ikenuoe and Setagaya Daita train stations.

RIO Puppy Cafe seats several people at once and has been equipped with comfortable seating, so I had no problem with the subtle experience of playing with the dogs.

5 Tokyo Dog Cafés to meet the most adorable pups! (3)

The interior of the cafeteria is hygienic and well maintained, so you won't feel any unpleasant smells.

Dogs are also treated well by the staff and the adorable creatures are all excited when guests enter. You can sit on the benches and play with the dogs and toys that never seem to let go.

There are several breeds of dogs at RIO Puppy Café such as Poodles, Japanese Chins, Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers, etc.

All dogs are friendly and sociable with guests. What I loved about RIO Puppy Cafe is that you can feed the dogs and even drink unlimited drinks while you relax.

You'll be the center of attention when you're ready to feed the dogs, because they'll run to you as soon as they see the treats in your hands.

Of course, these activities will be charged plus time spent with the dogs at the RIO Puppy Café, which is charged every 10 minutes.

Therefore, RIO Puppy Cafe is one of the cheap dog cafes for those who want to spend a few minutes with cats.

  • Entrance fees -250 yen/10 minutes
  • Unlimited Drinks –385 brings
  • dog food price550 brings

Hours of Operation -Monday to Sunday 11am to 8pm

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Contact number -+81 3-6805-2747

Internet site -http://rio-corp.jp/

Direction -155-0031 Tokio, Ciudad de Setagaya, Kitazawa, 2 Chome−15−16 3F

Café Asakusa Mameshiba

This dog-friendly cafe is all the rage for its unique kawaii breed of Shiba Inu dogs, which visitors pack their bags to witness.

Asakusa Mameshiba Cafe is located near Asakusa Station and just 2 minutes from Nakamise shopping street.

Once I entered the dog cafe, there was a separate place for bags so I didn't have to lug my load inside.

5 Tokyo Dog Cafés to meet the most adorable pups! (4)

Café Asakusa Mameshiba's atmosphere is rustic and features low seats where diners can sip their drinks while the dogs perform their fascinating tricks.

There are more than 7 dogs at Asakusa Mameshiba Cafe and they are the friendliest dogs because they are always excited to play with the guests.

These healthy furries are impeccably cared for by the staff and some even dress up to impress guests. You can even buy the Shiba Inu plushies that are sold at the snack bar.

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However, Asakusa Mameshiba Cafe tends to get crowded and the downside is that you cannot book tickets online as they are only sold in-store.

So I had to wait hours to experience a 30-minute playtime with the dogs. In fact, some of the staff are unhelpful when it comes to guests asking for help dealing with the dogs.

  • Entrance fees -Adult 900 yen, child 600 yen/30 minutes (only children over 6 years old are allowed)

Direction -1-29-3 Asakusa, Taito District, Tokyo 111-0032

Hours of Operation -Weekdays from 12:15 pm to 5:20 pm, weekends from 11:00 am to 6:35 pm

Internet site -https://owls-cats-forest.com/free/mameshiba-asakusa

Drink Grabender Dog

One of Tokyo's newest dog cafes, Dog Burrow Oinu has become the talk of the town among dog lovers.

(Video) Visiting Japan's Dog Cafe | Micro Tea Cup Cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo【4K】

You can reach Dog Burrow Oinu by arriving at the nearest train stations, such as Soshigaya Okura Station or Seijo Gakuen Station. If you look at the building you can spot Dog Burrow Oinu.

5 Tokyo Dog Cafés to meet the most adorable pups! (5)

The inside of Dog Burrow Oinu is everything. It has a false fireplace with a wooden floor that gives you the feeling of being in a country house.

To complement the wooden interior, there are even wooden seats, wooden benches and ottomans for guests to relax.

There are 11 dogs at Dog Burrow Oinu who are initially shy about greeting guests, but once they get hold of him, they won't let him out.

Breeds represented at Dog Burrow Oinu are Retrievers, Poodles, Bolognese, Pyrenees and Havanese. All dogs in this dog cafe are between 1 and 6 years old.

Dog Burrow Oinu does not allow dogs to be fed or picked up as the staff is dedicated to treating the cats with care.

So I was forced to play with the dogs sitting down and it was a great experience as the dogs here love to rest and be relaxed.

Also, this cafe was one of the few offering the cheapest prices in Tokyo, so why skip it?

entrance fees

  • Weekdays: 1,200 yen
  • Extension fee: 600 yen/30 minutes, 1000 yen/60 minutes
  • Weekends and holidays: 1,500 yen
  • Extension Fee: 700 yen/30 minutes, 1,200 yen/60 minutes

Hours of Operation -Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm Sunday, Monday and Thursday closed.

Contact number -+81 3-6411-1220

Internet site -https://www.oinu.tokio/

Direction -1-2-7 Seijo, Setagaya-ku, Edifício Tokio MEPO3 B1F

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