350+ ninja names for your fantasy character (2023)

350+ ninja names for your fantasy character (1)

Ninja names can comfort or camouflage people who prefer to remain hidden. You can also identify an artist. There are several ninja names, so choose wisely.

Ninja names vary in popularity. Sasuke, Uchiha, Kiryu and Kitsune are well known ninjas. There are so many ninja names to choose from. Choosing the right name is crucial to becoming a successful ninja.

aspiring ninja! This post explores the history of ninja names. From the naming practices of the Iga and Koga clans to modern pseudonyms, we've covered it all.

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ninja names with meaning

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cool ninja names

Names of Anime Ninjas

ninja boy names

Japanese Ninja Names

Ninja Turtles names

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Good ninja names

spy ninja names

funny ninja names

tough ninja names

Black Ninja Names

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ninja names with meaning

Looking for meaningful ninja names? If yes, have fun! This post will put meaning into ninja names and explain each one.

  • Shinobi - "steal" in Japanese. Shinobi were stealthy and could move around unobserved.
  • Hattori Hanzo: Hattori Hanzo was a ninja of the Tokugawa shogunate. His espionage and assassination skills were well known.
  • Fujibayashi Nagato: Fujibayashi Nagato was a ninja of the Tokugawa shogunate. He could control the weather and create illusions.
  • Kirigakure Saizo – Kirigakure Saizo Ära ein Ninja des Shogunato Tokugawa, ein Asesino Sigiloso.
  • Orochimaru - Orochimaru was a ninja of the Tokugawa shogunate. He could transform into animals and perform incredible illusions.
  • Jiraiya: Jiraiya was a ninja of the Tokugawa shogunate. He was a ninja who could summon toads.
  • Hagakure Fuma - Hagakure Fuma foi um ninja do Xogunato Tokugawa, famoso por suas habilidades de ninjutsu e invisibilidade.
  • Sarutobi Sasuke: Sarutobi Sasuke was a ninja of the Tokugawa shogunate. His ninjutsu and wall climbing skills were well known.
  • Kaze no Yaiba: A ninja of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Kaze no Yaiba was legendary for his ninjutsu and wind control skills.
  • Senju Tobirama: Senju Tobirama was a ninja of the Tokugawa shogunate. He was a ninja who could create huge waterfalls.
  • Uchiha Madara: Uchiha Madara was a ninja of the Tokugawa shogunate. He was a ninja who could control a nine-tailed demonic fox.
  • Namikaze Minato: Namikaze Minato was a ninja of the Tokugawa shogunate. His ninjutsu and teleportation skills were well known.
  • Senju Hashirama: Senju Hashirama was a Tokugawa ninja. He was skilled in ninjutsu and could control wood.
  • Uzumaki Naruto: Uzumaki Naruto is a ninja of the Tokugawa Shogunate. He is skilled in ninjutsu and can transform into a nine-tailed demon fox.
  • quick signal
  • black shot
  • scarlet flash
  • Nevada
  • die yet Fata Morgana
  • deadly cup
  • excellent tyranny
  • female assassin
  • closed tycoons
  • dark saw
  • the wolf snake
  • the dark thunder
  • scarlet claw
  • military squad
  • eye of light
  • Scharlachzahn
  • the fast walker
  • red strike
  • Goldzahn
  • hollow punch
  • Silentshiv

cool ninja names

Need a ninja name? Finished! This post lists cool ninja names and their meanings.

  • Shinobi no Mono: Shinobi no Mono means "bearer". It's a great name for a tough and determined ninja.
  • Rokurokubi - "six-necked spirit" implies Rokurokubi. It's great for a fast and agile ninja who can hide in the shadows.
  • Tengu - "Long Nose Goblin" This is great for a ninja who likes to trick his opponents.
  • Kappa: “Water Imp” means Kappa. It's great for a fast, fluid ninja who is comfortable on land and in the water.
  • Oni-oni means "devil". It's great for a powerful and fearsome ninja.
  • Soulless - Soulless implies "no soul". Perfect for a cool, dispassionate ninja who can focus on chaos.
  • Dragon: Dragon means "mythical animal". It's for an awesome fire-breathing ninja.
  • Blitz: Blitz means “flash of light”. It's great for a deadly and extremely fast ninja.
  • steam crane
  • dark current
  • Fast pace
  • dark rhythm
  • Purple
  • bullet flow
  • the flying dragon
  • The death's shadow
  • hollow shot
  • Rapidflake
  • aggressive kraft
  • ghost Shadow
  • angry claw
  • spiritual saw
  • the image of steel
  • random mafia
  • deadly death
  • I CAN
  • funny gang
  • all panoramas
  • the ghost whispers

female ninja names

Need a female ninja name? Here is a good selection of names.

  • Kikyo - "Bell" Perfect for a dazzling ninja.
  • Hotaru - Firefly - called Hotaru. Hotaru matches a fast and agile ninja.
  • Shizuka: "Silence" means Shizuka. Shizuka is for patient and disciplined ninja.
  • Akane: Akane "dark red" is great for a fearless ninja.
  • Hikari - Light - means Hikari. Hikari is the name of a wise ninja.
  • Yumiko: "charming girl" Yumiko is an elegant and attractive ninja name.
  • Sachiko - "Happy Girl" Sachiko is great for an upbeat ninja.
  • Miyuki: "deep snow" Miyuki is the name of a jolly ninja.
  • Kaida: "little dragon" Kaida is a brave and powerful ninja name.
  • Tamiko - "Village Girl" Tamiko is a loving and altruistic ninja.
  • beam
  • the floating laughter
  • fatal explosion
  • the scarlet hawk
  • blood flake
  • dreamy eyes
  • black heartbeat
  • still
  • iron claw
  • silent shock
  • dark Moon
  • dream achieved
  • Ninja Zoya
  • the crouching fire
  • the mystical phoenix
  • Schnellstreak
  • iron tooth

350+ ninja names for your fantasy character (2)

Names of Anime Ninjas

Ninja names often reflect natural elements, although they are associated with darkness and stealth. This article lists anime ninja names and their meanings.

  • Hokage: The most powerful ninja and leader of the village was the Hokage. Hokage means "fire shadow" in Japanese.
  • Kage: Kage means "shadow" in Japanese. Also used for ninja village commanders.
  • Sannin: three of the strongest ninjas in the village. Sannin means "three ninjas" in Japanese.
  • Jounin - Ninja from the elite village. Jounin means "elite ninja" in Japanese.
  • ANBU – “Black Ops” is ANBU in Japanese. ANBU is the military police of ninja villages.
  • Chunin - Chunin are middle-class ninja. Chunin means "middle ninja" in Japanese.
  • Genin - Genin are low-level ninjas. Genin means "low level ninja" in Japanese.
  • what a ninja
  • silent beat
  • beam
  • snow blows
  • black strip
  • Nitsi insidioso
  • the immovable saber
  • new prom night
  • deadly claw
  • bullet point
  • fatal breath
  • donner
  • the spirit of steel
  • everywhere Stella
  • dream shadow
  • quick signal
  • Tachi
  • still flows
  • golden rhythm
  • risk of death
  • ghost tooth

ninja boy names

Ninja names are usually passed down from generation to generation and are used for identification. Hashirama,sasuke, and Uchiha are ninja names.

  • Kaito - "onda do oceano".
  • Hiroshi - "fosso ancho".
  • Kenji - "intelligent second son".
  • Daisuke – „Gran Ayudante“.
  • Takeshi - "military force".
  • Ryosuke - "fertile son".
  • Yuma - "rich house".
  • Kenta - "great ocean".
  • Atsushi - "Happy, cheerful".
  • Shun - "excellent, perfect".
  • Dotonbori - "Pillar of the Earth".
  • Gekkou - "Claro de lua".
  • Hayabusa – „Wanderfalke“.
  • Inazuma – „Blitz“.
  • something like that
  • cruel destroyers
  • the red death
  • killer dream
  • speed mark
  • silver stain
  • hollow sign
  • in shade
  • to lean viper
  • Thunderblade
  • Todesnarbe
  • stay dead
  • dream stain
  • jade treasures
  • Kyoketsu-Shoge
  • Superfly Nicherty
  • scarlet streaks
  • there agile wolf

350+ ninja names for your fantasy character (3)

Japanese Ninja Names

Japanese ninja names are common. They always have a meaning, abbreviated or not. Iwa-san, Uchihime and Ashura-san are outstanding ninja.

  • Koga - "Little stream".
  • Masamune - "late autumn".
  • Mochizuki - "lua cheia".
  • Hattori - "Waterfall dwellers".
  • Smoke - "incense smoke".
  • Kuzan - "Cold Mountain".
  • Kawakami - "River of Crows".
  • Sarutobi - "Monkey on the ground."
  • Fujibayashi - "Rama de Glicina".
  • Momochi – „Pfirsichwald“.
  • black shield
  • Silberkill
  • Scharlachrotter Mouth
  • Crimsonbang
  • silent rhythm
  • silver beats
  • the snake boy
  • bad nails
  • the demon snake
  • Kusari Gama
  • golden padlock
  • scarlet eyes
  • dark shot
  • rage
  • Verfall Execasú
  • the secret in disguise
  • iron strike
  • Lichtblitz
  • historical cast
  • iron strike
  • soft strategy
  • light taps
  • wanted conandie
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Ninja Turtles names

Looking for a list of ninja turtle names with meaning? Then you are right here. In this blog post, we provide a list of names along with a description of what each name means.

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  • Leonardo – The first name on our list is Leonardo. This name is of Italian origin and means 'brave lion'. This name is perfect for a leader like Leonardo was for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Donatello– Donatello is the next name on our list. This name is of Italian origin and means 'gift from God'. This name is perfect for a creative thinker like Donatello was for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Miguel Ángel – Miguel Ángel is next on our list. This name is of Italian origin and means 'angel'. This name is perfect for a free spirit like Michelangelo was for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Raphael– Raphael is the last name on our list. This name is of Italian origin and means 'God healed'. This name is perfect for a tough fighter like Raphael was for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Good ninja names

There are many different ninja names, but here are the top 5. They will help you stand out from other ninjas and increase the chances that your peers will accept you.

  • Jack-O-Lantern because you are so full of hot air.
  • Smoke Bomb: Because you always make a scene.
  • Steel trap: because it is very difficult to escape from you.
  • Sensei why you always give people bad advice.
  • Flash because you're always on the run. your problems
  • light beam
  • Phantomfluss
  • quick crash
  • BO (staff)
  • dream castle
  • Scharlachroter Fleck
  • deadly claw
  • silent signal
  • dead eyes
  • The Motionless Jackal
  • blow snow
  • deadly tooth
  • the mystic striker
  • light blocking
  • jades tod
  • rapidbang
  • Dead center
  • cards
  • ghost tooth
  • ghost tooth

350+ ninja names for your fantasy character (4)

spy ninja names

Spy Ninja is a game developed in 2002. It quickly became popular and is known for its strategic gameplay. Spy Ninja was later ported to many platforms.

  • Jiraiya – „Sapo“.
  • Kakashi - "Scheuche Bird".
  • Kisame - „Dämonenhai“.
  • Madara - "Ort".
  • Minato - "Port".
  • Mugen - "Infinite".
  • High – “Throat Oil”.
  • Neji - "parafuso".
  • Oboro - "Neblina".
  • Orochimaru - "Great Serpent"
  • Raikage – „Luz.
  • the scarlet hunter
  • silent castle
  • Rodar Mond
  • deadly slinger
  • the blood moon
  • dark brush strokes
  • silver shadow
  • little veterans
  • fine rock
  • black spot
  • Lichtblitz
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funny ninja names

Whatever your reasons, you'll find what you're looking for in this list of fun ninja names.

  • Kuma – means “bear”.
  • Tetsu - means "iron".
  • I swear - which means "ten".
  • Hebi - means "cobra".
  • Nindaime – means “second generation”.
  • Neko - means "cat".
  • Saru - means "macaque".
  • Inu – means “dog”.
  • Torah - means "tiger".
  • Kitsune - means "Zorro".
  • Shishi - means "lion".
  • Ushi - means "cow".
  • Gorilla - why why not?
  • Hoshi - meaning "star".
  • Suke - means "assistant".
  • Hayabusa - means "falcon".
  • Kabuto - means "trunk".
  • Kyuubi
  • deadly accident
  • the ghost knife
  • serra
  • Sanguinische Vision
  • murteschw
  • Silberbash
  • The Bronze Ranger
  • quick flash
  • Harmonious Liquidators
  • tone up
  • steadfast admirals

tough ninja names

Need a cool ninja name? Finished! This post lists tough ninja names and their meanings.

  • Koken: Koken means "savage swordsmanship" and is bestowed upon swordsman ninja.
  • Mushin - Mushin, meaning "irrational", is given to ninjas that allow them to clear their minds in battle and focus on the task at hand.
  • Myojin: Myojin means "divine being" and is given to ninja masters.
  • Sokuren: Sokuren means "fast runner" and is given to ninjas who run and run away.
  • Tetsugen - Tetsugen means "Iron Will" and is bestowed on tough ninja.
  • jade flow
  • steel eyes
  • chacal ninja
  • jade mond
  • ball left
  • salt stores
  • Honda is Jade
  • Rabidbeat
  • dark punch
  • Black Strike
  • jade smile
  • angry blade
  • hollow stroke
  • hook sword
  • bullet shot
  • red party
  • deadly accident

350+ ninja names for your fantasy character (5)

Black Ninja Names

Cool and fancy names of Black Ninjas. Knowing its meaning is also great. This post lists popular black ninja names and their meanings.

  • Kenshin: Kenshin is a manga about a former assassin who vows never to kill again. Now he helps those in need and fights evil.
  • Kurosaki - Kurosaki is a popular manga about a doctor who sees ghosts. His gift helps the dead and the living find justice.
  • T'Challa - T'Challa is the king and defender of Wakanda in Marvel Comics. He is the Black Panther.
  • John Shaft - John Shaft is a shrewd private investigator in the 1971 film Shaft.
  • Juka - The popular anime Juka is about a teenage ninja who wants to be the strongest.
  • Rokuro - Rokuro is a popular anime series about a teenage ninja whose parents were killed. He becomes the strongest ninja to avenge his death.
  • Kai: Kai is a popular manga about a doctor who sees ghosts. His gift helps the dead and the living find justice.
  • the steel wolf
  • crimson death
  • quickly saw
  • scarlet sign
  • the white secret
  • it is fast
  • the dream of light
  • snow dagger
  • forgetting power
  • soft shadow
  • the picture without sound
  • snow sign
  • dead tooth
  • dream sheet
  • Cerbatana (Fukiya)
  • beam
  • Black Strike
  • deadbeat
  • battle of dreams
  • the flying boy
  • the red shadow

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Last words-

Ninja names create intrigue and mystery. It's important to choose a ninja name that reflects who you are. Use a ninja name to stand out.

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