20 Anime You Should Watch If You Love Demon Slayer (2023)

Koyoharu Gotoge's masterpiece in 2019Demon Hunter, also known asKimetsu no YaibaShe quickly became a fan favorite. It features a charming cast of characters with innovative visual design, creative action sequences, and a realistic setting of early 20th-century Japan that is rapidly being modernized every day. Demons, magic swords, mountain castles and semi-modern Tokyo complete with cars and locomotives are the norm.

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Demon HunterIt just wrapped up its flashy and emotional second season, and fans are dying for more. Until the third season of the anime arrives in 2023, there are many shonen anime-like onesDemon Hunterto whet an amateur's appetite. These shows have sophisticated animation and stunning fight scenes, and there's plenty to choose from.

Updated August 8, 2022 by Olivia Subero:Demon Slayer has become a household name within a few years, but fans have been looking for a Demon Slayer-like anime until the third season aired. There are many action-packed supernatural titles to choose from, old or new.


20/20Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the best modern shonen titles

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Ju-Jutsu Kaisentook the world by storm after its 2020 anime adaptation aired.Demon Hunter, the main cast is part of an organization tasked with fighting monsters, cursed spirits in the case ofJu-Jutsu Kaisen. After swallowing the finger of an ancient cursed spirit, Yuji Itadori finds himself in this dangerous profession.

Demon HunterFans are sure to appreciate the anime's extensive cast, each of which is adorable in their own right. In addition, Studio MAPPAdid a brilliant job animating some of theseThe most original anime fights.. It's action-packed and badass, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on any new viewer.

19/20The protagonist of Blue Exorcist is the son of a powerful demon.

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Blue Exorcistis another action-packed anime focused on teenage demon hunters. The protagonist, Rin Okumura,he is Satan's son, but that fact only fuels his desire to exorcise as many demons as possible.

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Although Rin is constantly insulted by her peers, nothing can stop her from becoming the most powerful exorcist.Blue Exorcistit's not as dark asDemon Hunter, but fans will surely appreciate its more whimsical qualities. It's a series that doesn't take itself too seriously, but still packs a punch.

18/20Noragami is a supernatural comic anime

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Demon HunterFans will surely like it toonoragami. It's a supernatural anime but mixes comedy into the plot to keep things light-hearted. The series follows Yato, an irrelevantGod striving to gain the greatest number of followers. Currently, he has not even named a single shrine after him.

Just as Yato is about to give up all hope, a chance encounter with Hiyori turns his world upside down. Unfortunately, Hiyori's soul is separated from her body after saving Yato from a car accident. Then several exciting and crazy adventures take place while Yato tries to fix his new friend.

17/20Demon Slayer fans will surely enjoy Bungo Stray Dogs

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For fans who appreciate itDemon Hunterdarker themesBungo Stray Dogsis a supernatural title that never disappoints. Blending mystery with fantasy, this anime creates a compelling story about armed detective agency against Porto Mafia and various other criminal organizations.

Almost all charactersBungo Stray DogsHe has a unique ability that ranges from turning into a tiger to nullifying the powers of others. Aside from that,Atsushi is a lovable protagonist.who learned to love himself after emerging from a tragic past of abuse and neglect.

16/20Golden Kamuy is another historical anime

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kamuy douradois another fantastic recommendation for fans who likedHistorical elements of Demon Slayerand incredible action scenes. The anime takes place after the Russo-Japanese War. Saichi, the protagonist, works tirelessly on his quest for gold.

This action-packed anime features breathtaking combat that showcases Saichi's incredible ability to escape death itself. He still emerges victorious from battles he should have lost.kamuy douradowill keep fans busy while they waitDemon HunterThe next season on the air.

15/20Rurouni Kenshin has a rustic Japanese setting and a lovable protagonist

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ruroni kenshinis an acclaimed anime franchise created by Nobuhiro Watsuki and set in Japan's Meiji era. The main protagonist was a feared assassin and swordsman named Battosai the Assassin. But now he has left this life behind.

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Now a pacifist, Kenshin refuses to kill again, only with an inverted blade sword that cannot kill.He's a lot friendlier than his reputation would suggest.and is an older brother character like Tanjiro.Demon HunterFans will love Kenshin's pursuit of a peaceful life as old enemies gradually return.

14/20Attack On Titan is Demon Slayer's bloodier cousin

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At first glance,attack on Titancan look significantly differentDemon Hunter. The monsters known as Titans are towering giants wreaking havoc in a gas lamp-filled fantasy world. But when it boils down to the essentials, that's itDemon HunterBiggest cousin.

This action packed shonen anime is so darksometimes it looks like one.attack on TitanFollow the Recon Corps as they prepare to defend the last walled city of humans. The Titans have launched a full frontal assault, and only sword-wielding soldiers have the equipment and training to stop them. But victory comes at a high price. It's a generation-defining monster fighting anime, andDemon HunterFans won't want to miss it.

13/20Despite its not-so-great second season, The Promised Neverland is worth watching

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The Promised Neverlandis another dark fantasy horror anime thatDemon HunterFans tend to. Emma, ​​Norman and Ray are three orphans who live happily in a remote cabin with their "mother", Isabella. Everything seems peaceful, without dangers and with lots of fun things to do. But the three uncover a terrible secret involving demons and human sacrifice.

The children must do everything they can to make sure this doesn't happen to them, but they must also be careful not to reveal what they have discovered. Since the story of the first season is relatively self-contained, the series is still worth watchingthe famous second season.

20/12Hunter X Hunter defined the shonen fantasy genre

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Hunter X HunterIt might not have demons, but it's another action-packed adventure anime that's perfect for itDemon Hunterfans. Created by one of the most famous mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi,Hunter X HunterIt easily became a staple of the shonen genre.

Gon Freecss wants to be like his father and travels the world to become the best hunter. He ends up, like Tanjiro, assembling an eclectic group of individuals who soon become his closest friends. They are all unique and haveSpecialties that will help them in various battles.

20/11Demon Slayer fans will definitely like Fire Force despite its fan service

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There must be no swords in itfirepower universe but this new anime dividesDemon HunterMonster Hunter Corps concept. In thefirepowerthe world was rebuilt after an apocalyptic inferno. People suffering from spontaneous combustion become infernals. It's up to the firefighters and their allied priests to put out the flames of the infernals and send them to heaven.

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But it's not just the monsters. Also, a huge conspiracy is afoot, and the hero Shinra Kusakabe is caught in the middle. Although the series is perfect forDemon HunterLover,There's a lot more fan servicewasDemon Hunter, which may affect or detract from a new fan's viewing experience.

20/10Inuyasha is stylistically similar to Demon Slayer.

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by Rumiko TakahashiInuyasha may be stylistically closerDemon Hunter. Both shows availablea Japanese fantasy backdrop, swords and magic weapons, breathtaking landscapes and ferocious demons of all sizes.

Half-demon protagonist Inuyasha travels through feudal Japan to destroy Naraku, the demon responsible for killing his lover and turning them against each other. He now has a merry band of adventurers who have also been negatively affected by Naraku's actions.

20/09Bleach also wove Japanese themes into its story.

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bleachingis another popular shonen title with a lot of crossoversDemon Hunter. I likeattack on TitanThey are almost cousins. The series follows a teenager whose family is threatened by monsters, forcing him to learn swordsmanship to fight the forces of evil.

Both anime feature strong Japanese themes and haunted worlds galore. Most of the main characters have an alternate form of Shikai or Bankai controlling their swords, such as ice dragons, fire dragons, killer blades, or even swarms of sharp cherry blossoms.Bleach covers most of the main plots in the manga., and an anime adaptation of his latest arc, the Thousand Year Blood War arc, has already been greenlit.

20/08Yu Yu Hakusho is a must-have from the 1990s

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Yu Yu Hakushois a supernatural action anime from the early 90's, butis a popular shonen staplewhich inspired many elements of bothbleachingjNaruto, two modern shonen that soon became the basis of the genre. The anime follows a kindhearted high school delinquent, Yusuke Urameshi, who dies in a car accident while saving the life of a young boy.

Impressed by his good deed, the spirit world hires Yusuke as a ghost detective. Yusuke gathers three comrades by his side: fellow spiritually conscious Kazuma, ice and fire demon Hiei, and former demon thief Kurama. Together they solve various problems that plague the human, spirit and demon world.

20/07Avatar: The Last Airbender has been a fan favorite since the mid-2000s.

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NickelodeonvonAvatar the Last Airbenderhas been a fan favorite since the early 2000s. The series is considered by many to be a Western animated film, but draws heavily on anime's graphics and storytelling methods.

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Viewers are introduced to a rich, pan-Asian-inspired environment where voice actors can control any of the four elements, but only the almighty Avatar can command all four.12 year old monk and current avatar, Aang sets out to defeat the villainous Lord of Fire and end a centuries-long war that has ravaged the world. Along the way, you'll get plenty of action, comedy, and important life lessons.

20/06Dororo also has a protagonist whose life has been ruined by demons.

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Affectionately referred to as the manga god, Osamu Tezuka's works are legendary. Many anime and manga producers are inspired by their works because they are timeless. Because of their similarities, Tezuka's animedororowould be an excellent recommendation forDemon HunterLover.

I likeDemon Hunter,dororotakes place in a world terrorized by demons. A greedy feudal lord, desperate for power, makes a pact and uses his eldest son Hyakkimaru as a victim. As a result,The child was born without limbsand faceless. Thanks to a kind healer, Hyakkimaru survived. Now he wants revenge on his father and the demons that ruined his childhood.

20/05D.Gray-Man has his own monster hunting organization

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the gray manthe configuration differs slightlyDemon Hunter's, as it occurs at the end of the 19th century, especially in Europe. However, it ticks many of the same action-fantasy boxes.Demon Hunterdoes. Viewers meet tough orphan boy Allen Walker who uses the power of innocence to destroy monsters aka Akuma that suddenly appear from innocent people.

Allen is a boy with a pure heart like Tanjiro who fights tirelessly to protect the innocent. joins oneThe Akuma hunting organization called the Black Orderto defeat all traces of evil. The Gothic-inspired Black Order has branches around the world, so Allen has to travel a lot to find all of the Akuma.

20/04One Piece's darkest moments have a big impact

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Happy leaders with respected parents are whatOne pieceby Monkey D. Luffy eDemon HunterTanjiro Kamado has in common. Their worlds are brilliantly designed too, with a cast of exciting and colorful characters.

One pieceIt's not a dark fantasy likeDemon Hunter, but it has its serious and shocking moments.One piecealso has a more socio-political background, and they existmany instances where morality is questioned. Still, it's a fun ride for everyone.Demon Hunteradventure hunter.

3/20My Hero Academia is one of the "big three" of the modern shonen

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My hero academyone of the new Shonen "Big Three", along withDemon HunterjJu-Jutsu Kaisen. Izuku Midoriya, hero name: Deku, a 15-year-old boy who was born with no quirk, superpowers in the world ofMy hero academy. Despite this setback, it doesn't diminish Deku's heroism.

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His quest begins when Pro Hero All Might grants him his One For All Quirk. Deku then enrollsUnited Arab Emirates High, a school specializing in training heroes, and experience combat for the first time much sooner than expected. Villains feel oppressed by a society ruled by heroes, and Deku and his colleagues realize they have a lot of work ahead of them.

20/02Naruto deals with inner and outer demons

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I likeDemon Hunter,Narutorevolves around a hero who fights tooth and nail to survive in a cruel world.It has its own combat system.Based on stealth shinobi from Japanese history. Not to mention,Narutoit also has many emotional and dark moments.

Instead of a demon sister, Naruto must defeat the demon sleeping inside him, the fox-nine-tails. The fox is a gigantic mass of bloodlust and fury, the same creature that terrorized his people the night of his birth. Both series have a wealth of life lessons and lovable characters who must fight to survive in a world of struggle.

1/20The Dragon Ball franchise is a well-known Shonen classic.

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Akira Toriyama stands out among the anime giants with his hit action seriesdragon balland its many sequels,Dragon Ball Z,Dragon Ball super, and more. Heroes battle powerful villains and monsters from outer space in this exciting franchise. Each battle is a titanic battle of wills that could transform the landscape of the planet they fight on.

However, this series is balanced by some truly inspirational characters,like Goku himselfand the family and friendships you build during your time on earth. Evil will never win as long as Super Saiyan heroes have a say.Demon HunterFans looking for a non-stop action series can't do better.

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