16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (2023)

Some great flower metaphors are:

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (1)
  • A flower is a soldier, attentive to the sun.
  • A withered flower is a candy cane in the field.
  • The flower is a dancer spinning in the wind.

Below is a complete list and explanation of 16 flower metaphors that come to mind.

To make each a simile, substitute itThatcomand how.

Flower metaphors: a list

1. The flowers were welded in attention to the sun.

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (2)

Sinn:When the flowers are in full bloom, their stems point upright towards the sun. This may seem to stand at attention, like a soldier on parade. This would be a good metaphor to use when a bed of beautiful, bold flowers is in full bloom.

2. A blooming flower is a feast for the eyes.

Sinn:A flower is (of course) not a party. You don't eat it like a delicious roast. But we say they are oneCelebrationmetaphorically here. Just as a good meal satisfies your stomach, a beautiful sight of flowers can satisfy your eyes! You are beautiful to look at.

3. The withered flower was a decrepit old man

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (3)

Sinn:When a flower begins to die, its stem begins to wither. While he used to be able to stand up straight (like a young man!), he now stoops like an old man with a hunched back. So it can be said that he looks like a bent and decrepit old man whose spine is bent.

4. The withered flower is a sweet reed

Sinn:A wilted flower can also resemble a candy cane. Its upper curves do not point upwards. One could imagine a whole "candy cane field" if all the flowers were hanging as they withered in the summer sun.

5. Flowers are suns that bloom in the field

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (4)

Sinn:When a flower is in full bloom, it can look like a little sun. Of course, this can be especially true for a sunflower. But I also think that dandelions can also look like this. When a meadow of flowers blooms, you can imagine a sea of ​​small suns over the hills.

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6. Flowers are ballet flats that twirl in the wind.

Sinn:I originally wanted to make this a metaphor for personification:the flowers danced🇧🇷 But let's put it this way to make a traditional metaphorthey are dancers🇧🇷 Of course they are not. but it seems soLikesDancers sway and twist in unison as the wind blows through them.

7. The flower is a gift from God

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (5)

Sinn:We often give flowers away. That's because they look good and smell good. Having them at home can make us happy and connect with the beauty of nature. But if you take a walk and come across a field of wildflowers, you could tell they are apresence ofGood🇧🇷 Your friend didn't give them to you. You can imagine that they were put there by God to make you smile as you walk by.

8. The flower is a shy child peeking out from the bushes.

Sinn:Sometimes, when the flowers are hidden behind bushes or in tall grass, only the tops are visible. In these situations, they seem to look at you in embarrassment, like a child staring at you from under the covers. So here we could say that the flowers areshy(another example ofpersonification).

9. The falling petals were tears of sorrow for the end of spring.

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (6)

Sinn:If you look at a flower at the end of its bloom, it will wither. This usually happens when the sun is too hot and the abundance is onFederwater sources dry up.

Since it is sad to see the end of wildflower season, you can create an analogy with tears. Each petal that falls from the flower is another tear of sadness for the end of the season.

10. The wildflowers were a melted rainbow in the field.

Sinn:When you see a field of wildflowers of many different colors, it might remind you of arainbow🇧🇷 Where I live, you see purple and white everywhere. If you live somewhere with lilies and poppies, you might see a lot more color when looking at a field of wildflowers.

In figurative language, we could look at wildflowers and say, "The flowers are a rainbow scattered across the landscape."

11. The flowers were a blanket thrown in the meadow

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (7)

Sinn:Another way of describing wildflowers growing in a meadow is to say that they "cover" the meadow. That doesn't mean they're a literal blanket. But it means they cover the landscape like a blanket.

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This metaphor is generally used when the landscape appears completely overgrown. For example, it can also be used assnow metaphorWhen one speaks of "snow covers a landscape", it covers all the grass.

12. Flowers are nature's wallpaper.

Sinn:We often put wallpaper in our house to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

When we walk outdoors, we notice that the wild flowers around us also make our surroundings more beautiful. Scattered across the landscape, they make us happier. They look like wallpaper, but they were applied by nature, not an interior designer!

For more information, see:metaphors of naturemilanguages ​​of nature

13. The flower is a bed for bees

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (8)

Sinn:An open flower attracts many bees. Bees go to flowers to collect nectar. So you will often see them landing on the petals.

Since the flower looks like a nice soft place for bees, you can call it a "bed" for the bees, or maybe even a pillow.

14. A flower that grows out of place is a weed.

Sinn:This saying can have many meanings. But in general we can see it as a metaphor because you arecall a grass flowereven if it isn't one!

First, it could simply mean that flowers in the wrong place look ugly, like weeds. Maybe you have a garden with a specific type of shrub from one part of the world and then a random flower that is only found in Mongolia. Here it would look out of place and more like a weed than a flower!

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Second, you could think of this metaphor more like a proverb. One could say that you (the flower) are beautiful, but you are in the wrong place, so it seems that you are not recognized for your beauty. You could say that to someone in the wrong profession. You could say, "You're really great, but you're in the wrong career, so you're not happy and you're not appreciated. You're a flower that grows in the wrong place, so you're a weed."

15. She was a flower that bloomed on her birthday.

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (9)

Sinn:we often talk on the phonePretty womenFlowers because of course they look like flowers which are beautiful too.

For example, we often call a woman who works with men "a rose among thorns', where woman is the rose (beauty) and men are the thorns (thorny).

Another similarity is that both can look gorgeous. A flower is easy to walk around while a beautiful woman seems like someone to be respected and treated kindly because she is so rare.

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16. The old woman is a withered flower

Sinn:I mentioned earlier that faded flowers can look like hunched old men. We can change that and talk about old people who look like wilted flowers!

This has great additional meaning. He may have referred to an old woman as a "beautiful rose". The statement that it is a wilted flower reflects the fact that it is beautiful and refers to how an old flower twists and loosens, just like older people do.


The flower metaphors above are by no means the only ones you could come up with. I'm sure you could identify many more! But they're a good place to start thinking about how to use figurative language to talk about flowers.

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If you don't like any of the above, consider creating your own metaphor or simile! What do flowers remind you of? Just say theyessomething they are not supposed to create a metaphor for, or areLikessomething they are not to do to create a parable.

16 metaphors and similes of blooming flowers! (2022) (10)


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