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111.90.l50.204 Full Bokeh Video No Sensor - Tracking a person's whereabouts is not at all difficult nowadays. You can also track a complete history of where a person went today, what they did today, or how their daily routine went over the last few days.

You just need to have some experience with unethical hacking and know how to find phone IP address or a way to get there.change ip address.

Are you not interested in hacking, or do basic ethics prevent you from engaging in hacking and making other people's lives miserable? Well that's great and we need more people like you in the world!

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2 ways to change your IP address to another country

2.1 Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network

2.2 2. Use the Tor Browser

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2.3 3. Use of Proxy Servers

3 Ways to Change Your iPhone's IP Address

4 Ways to Change Your Android Phone's IP Address

4.1 How to find your Android device's IP address (Local IP):

4.2 How to change IP address and location on Android with a VPN?

5 What is an IP address?

6 types of IP addresses

6.1 Static IP Address

6.2 Dynamic IP Addresses

7 Why should you change your IP address?

7.1 1) Get previously blocked websites

7.2 2) Protect your data

7.3 3) Be anonymous

7.4 4) Create different accounts on a website

8 Why does your Android device need an IP address?

9 Why should you care about IP addresses?

10 Conclusion

11 More interesting stuff:

111.90.l50.204 Sin-Sensor Full Bokeh Video

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way, especially hackers. These cyber criminals can do much more damage to your privacy or sensitive data than you can handle. They can do all this and more by tracking your IP address.

To solve the problem, you need to learn how to change the IP address of your Android device. But first, let's learn what an IP address is and why you need to change your Android device's IP location.

How to change your IP address to another country

You don't have to pester your nerdy friend or learn to code when it comes to changing your IP address, whether you're using an iPhone, Android, Mac, computer or laptop. There are three different ways to change your IP address even if you are on your home network.

Here are the top three ways to change your IP address:

  1. Use a VPN or Virtual Private Network

A VPN app can be your best and safest choice to hide your IP address from your ISP and surveillance authorities. All you have to do is activate the VPN app, select a country server and you are almost transported to a different location (city, country or continent). A laptop is just a click away. Using a VPN is like logging into your Gmail or Facebook account. Click and you're online. Even if your ISP doesn't see your activity after connecting to a VPN, in most countries, with rare exceptions, using a VPN is completely legal according to each ISP's terms of service. Simple Peas.

2. Use the Tor Browser

Tor Browser is like your regular Google Chrome or Opera browser, but with quality anonymity. Some of our company's privacy experts are not big fans of the Tor Browser and say it harms their privacy and can be hacked. But in general, you can use the Tor browser, also known as the onion router, to stay online anonymously for as long as you like. Note that Tor is very anonymous, so your access may be restricted (not all external sites like Tor), but it's a good option if you need to change your IP address, as long as your destination allows you to log in.

3. Use proxy servers

A proxy server is like a gateway specifically designed to help you access region-blocked websites and services (just like a VPN). You can also use a proxy server to install P2P files. There are two types of proxy servers that help manage incoming and outgoing Internet traffic: forward proxies and reverse proxies. However, unlike a VPN, a proxy server does not encrypt your internet traffic and does not support multiple devices.

How to Change Your iPhone's IP Address

  1. To typeagreement
  2. Now toW-lan
  3. Tap the information icon next to the network name.W-lanwhat do you wantchange your IP address
  4. To typeStats tab
  5. enter the addressThe desired IP in the IP address bar
  6. Click on the iconW-lanto save these changes.

How to Change Your Android Phone's IP Address

  1. Go to Android settingsOf
  2. To knockwireless networks
  3. Enter the sectionW-lan
  4. tap and holdjaringan Wi-Ficurrently connected
  5. To knockchange network
  6. Expand or Go to OptionsProgressive
  7. Change your Android IP addressDHCPbecomeYou are here.

How to find your Android device's IP address (Local IP):

  1. To typeagreement
  2. Scroll down and tapover the phone
  3. play nowIllness
  4. Scroll down and you will see the local IP and Mac address of your Android device.

You can use the steps above to find out your Android's local IP address. However, if you want to know your public IP address, visit https://www.purevpn.com/what-is-my-ip or https://whatismyipaddress.com/. You'll also learn about different ways to find different IP addresses or operating systems.

How to change IP address and location on Android using a VPN?

  1. First, sign up for PureVPN for just $0.99.
  2. Visit the PureVPN Android app page to download the Android version.
  3. After installing the app on your Android device, open the app and use PureVPN credentials to log in.
  4. Choose your preferred destination and press Connect.
  5. Visit https://www.purevpn.com/what-is-my-ip or https://whatismyipaddress.com/ now to check your new IP and location.

What is an IP address?

IP addresses follow a 32-bit numeric format. This is the identity given to the device when it connects to the internet. The same ID is used on the network for communication between devices on the network.

Website addresses, which you can easily remember, are based on IP addresses. IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) is currently the most widely used IP format in the world. However, IPv6 will become the standard IP format around the world in the coming years, using a 128-bit numbering system.

Nuts:Read the quick guide to What is an IP address?

IP address type

When you connect to a network, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns you an IP address. Depending on your connection type or ISP settings, you may receive a static IP address or a dynamic IP address.

static ip address

As the name suggests, it is an IP address that never changes. You can also call it dedicated IP address or private IP address.

ISPs generally do not assign static IP addresses unless requested by the user. It is widely used by gamers, remote workers and website owners.

IP addresses serve as private keys to unlock access to specific apps and web services. For example, users will allow (whitelist) IP addresses on their website's CMS, so only them with a static IP can access the system from any network.


  • It is reliable for gaming and VoIP applications.
  • It is ideal for secure network access or remote connections.
  • Ideal for applications and services that use geolocation.
  • Experience less downtime.
  • This allows the device to reliably communicate with remote devices.


  • This is easy to understand as it doesn't change when the connection is established again.
  • It is more expensive than its peers.
  • If the service blocks the IP, the user must change the IP to regain access.
  • This poses a potential security risk.
  • This is manually set by the user.

Nuts:Learn more about Static vs. IP Address. Dynamic

Dynamic IP address

Unlike static IP addresses, dynamic IP addresses change with each new connection or reconnection.

This is one of the most common types of IP addresses used by ISPs. After all, it is much more profitable than its static IP counterpart. Furthermore, IP addresses are used by all types of Internet users.
One of the best aspects of using a dynamic IP is that users don't have to go through complicated steps to configure it as it is configured automatically.


  • This is cheaper than a static IP address.
  • It provides better user privacy as it changes with each new connection.
  • This can be changed at any time by restarting the router.
  • No manual configuration process is required.


  • This cannot be allowed as whitelisting requires a fixed IP.
  • It is shared with multiple users at any given time.
  • There may be longer stops.
  • The remote access function may be missing.

Why do you need to change an IP address?

Only a VPN like PureVPN can help you hide your IP and location with an anonymous IP. These are the benefits you can experience with a VPN.

1) Get previously blocked websites

The biggest benefit of using a VPN service is that you can bypass content restrictions often imposed by governments or ISPs. As a result, you can enjoy any of your favorite apps or websites that don't work in your country.

2) Protect your data

VPN allows users to mask IP and protect data transmission with 256-bit encryption. Military-grade encryption keeps all types of data hacks at bay and keeps your data safe.

3) Become anonymous

Internet freedom has become a major concern these days. Anyone can identify your real identity via IP, even if you use a pseudo profile. With a VPN, you can keep your identity strictly anonymous by changing your IP and location.

4) Create different accounts on one website

Another benefit of using a VPN is that you can create multiple profiles on a single website. Certain sites only allow one account per IP. When you find these sites, you no longer have to worry about restricting your accounts.

Why does your Android device need an IP address?

You might be wondering why Android devices need an IP address.

Well, when you connect to the internet at home, at the office or in a public place, your device stands out from the millions of other devices connected to the network. To communicate with other devices on the network, your device must have an identity. An IP address is the identity your device assumes on a local or public network.

The flow of communication on the Internet works in the sense of a flow of packets. They send packets (information) to other devices for them to receive. And you do it back and forth. If you don't know the other person's identity (IP address), you won't be able to connect or send any packets.
Likewise, your Android is also a device. So, to work on the internet, it needs to have an IP address to start sending and receiving data packets.

Why should you care about IP addresses?

Before we show you how to change or hide your IP address on Android devices, let's take a quick look at the dangers of revealing your real IP.

  • You cannot access region-locked content:There are many reasons why a country would restrict certain materials on the internet. Regardless of the reason, they restrict content by blocking it on the IP assigned to it by your ISP.
  • You are vulnerable to cyber attacks: whenWith a real IP on the network, anyone who knows your IP can quickly launch a cyber attack on your device. These cyber attacks can range from security vulnerabilities and privacy breaches to full-blown DDoS attacks.
  • You cannot exercise your right to freedom of expression: Free speech has become a difficult thing these days. For example, if you make controversial comments to the authorities, you can be tracked through your real IP, even if you use a pseudo profile.


If you have concerns about data security, online privacy, or bypassing the dreaded location lock, change your Android device's IP address using the steps above. Enjoy an anonymous internet browsing experience like never before with PureVPN.

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